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The Prophetic Voice of Hebrew

The Lord is our Banner

The Lord really is our banner and not only that He has His own banner. Since I am always digging in the word with Hebraic eyes, I am never disappointed, but rather full of joy because of the string of pearls and wisdom that is found in His word. Learning this wonderful language I have come to the understanding that the world and tongue of the Hebrew language is a gift. With the concreteness of it and the Hebraisms and artistry of if all one cannot help but to draw closer to The Creator and True Master of the universe.

Why Hebrew

Hebrew is a concrete language and the language of the Bible. We need to understand how beautiful this language is and how concrete and logical it is. Biblical Hebrew is known as a dead language. No one speaks this way. It is only read or prayed.  However, The Lord wants to resurrect His language. He desires that all would truly learn His word.
There have been many who "suddenly" desires to want to learn Hebrew and go to Yisrael. This is amazing because it is only by the Spirit of God that this desire is moving through so many.

Hebrew letters and Symbiotic Prophetics

The parts that the Hebrew letters play in symbiotic prophetics isn't that hard to understand. If you recall the meaning of symbiotic prophetics, simultaneous actions in the spirit realm and in the natural, just think of using words and what happens. We know that words are powerful. God said, “Let there be...” and there was. Remember, I said Biblical Hebrew is known as a “dead language” and if we understand that raw power that comes with each Hebrew letter and the energy behind it then we can imagine in our Holy Ghost imagination the spirit realm and the natural coming together, working as one harmonious entity and causing a God manifestation.


We have been visiting Hebrew letters for a few weeks now. What we need to understand is that Hebrew is tied to the culture. It is a language of the senses although we are taught that if we can see it, it is not faith. The fact is that faith is something that youcansee. You can see one's faith by what they do and by the direction of their movements. It is by what they hold fast to. The waw or the vavוis as we learned, a picture of a nail. A nail is what holds things together and in place and the letter also speaks of steadfastness and firmness.