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We have been visiting Hebrew letters for a few weeks now. What we need to understand is that Hebrew is tied to the culture. It is a language of the senses although we are taught that if we can see it, it is not faith. The fact is that faith is something that youcansee. You can see one's faith by what they do and by the direction of their movements. It is by what they hold fast to. The waw or the vavוis as we learned, a picture of a nail. A nail is what holds things together and in place and the letter also speaks of steadfastness and firmness.

Best Buy

When someone says best buy, one would immediately think of the store. Store? How about store house? You are a store house for the Lord and you are His best buy. We have to start thinking of ourselves the way Adonai thinks of us. We must begin to understand the value that He has placed within us. It is not the alabaster box, but rather,it is what is on the inside. It is the costly oil that He is He wants us to pour out. That is the best buy that He is talking about. Yes, we do have some wonderful vessels, but the vessels must be broken to get to the true aroma, and true fragrance. Have you ever broken a perfume bottle? What a strong and lasting fragrance filled the room. The vessel costs a little something, but it was not the bottle, but it was the oil and that fragrance you really wanted. You wanted to wear it and you wanted to aroma to be noticed when you passed by. Would you be noticed? Maybe, but the aroma is what the people would really notice! People of El Elyon, please understand that God wants the fragrance noticed and that is the fragrance of Ruach HaKodesh- Holy Spirit. It has lasting effects. It has a noticeable presence, Ruach HaKodesh is a powerful force that cannot be reckoned with or challenged. After one has had an encounter it will not be lightly esteemed or easily forgotten. Holy Spirit commands attention. The Spirit of Wisdom speaks wonderful things and was with God in the beginning Nd has spoken out the end from the beginning and KNOWS you and me. Know your value and understand today when you look in the mirror that you are a best buy. You have value and your name is mentioned in heaven. Be broken alabaster box, be broken.

What are the voices of Christ

Hewn out of purified rock it has been tried, solidified, and found with no compromise. 
Reproved and approved. 
Where are the voices of Christ?
In the four corners of the earth
You can find them singing songs of deliverance 
And penetrating dogma and doctrine, false teaching and
Flowing- with the Spirit of Elohim- Who is Judge and Powers.
On assignment crying out between the porch and the altar
Preparing the way of uprightness and honor.
Walking in high resolution images of the Christ 

Excerpt from An Audience of One

Without the word of God and prayer in us, we have NO ministry.What we will have will only be recognized as entertainment. We are not here to entertain, but to minister. I cannot stress this enough. There are many entertainers in the church and those who seriously hear the call to ministry must discern the difference. We want to hear from the throne room of Yehova and rightly discern.We give ourselves to prayer because it is how we communicate with Him. Keeping an open line of communication is imperative.