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The Lord is our Banner

The Lord really is our banner and not only that He has His own banner. Since I am always digging in the word with Hebraic eyes, I am never disappointed, but rather full of joy because of the string of pearls and wisdom that is found in His word. Learning this wonderful language I have come to the understanding that the world and tongue of the Hebrew language is a gift. With the concreteness of it and the Hebraisms and artistry of if all one cannot help but to draw closer to The Creator and True Master of the universe.

יהוה is our banner or standard. He is an ensign in the earth realm. He is truly high and lifted up and He crushes the opposition.  God is a man of war and puts on the cloak of vengeance and with His garment the enemy can get caught in the fabric of the Word of God and is suffocated. Isaiah'Yishayahu / ישעיהו

He put on righteousness as his breastplate,
salvation as a helmet on his head;
he clothed himself with garments of vengeance
and wrapped himself in a mantle of zeal.
18 He repays according to their deeds —
fury to his foes, reprisal to his enemies;
to the coastlands he will repay their due;
19 in the west they will fear the name of Adonai,
and likewise, in the east, his glory.

59:17-19 CJB

As we use banners to proclaim the Word it is our way of saying to all, "It is written." 
This is what it is to publish the word of God.. I have learned or relearned the God ordained intention of the word publish. My eyes have strained for His truth and found it in His original text.
We have, as a people have been blind sided and impressed with Greco-Roman wordings and meanings when we should have been basking in the root-Hebrew.  When Yeshua said,"Follow Me." it was walk closely behind, imitate me, regel- What is regel? 
Regel is foot. In Hebrew using this word regel in relation to following means to embark upon the path, continue steadfastly on the journey. This word  regel רְגֶל means  anthropomorphic. (of God) This is a big word that means according to the pace and means to copy characteristics and traits, which can be of  God or a god looking like a human or having human traits. Gesenius gives us a clearer picture of  regel. 
To be regelee in the feet or footsteps of anyone as in to follow after. 

Am I all over the place? Absolutely not. In Hebrew sometimes you think that something has nothing to do with something else, but looking at the roots you can then tie it all together. You can see how it relates. The root of our relationship is in Yeshua and His works were published all over and at the end He was held up on a tree as a banner for all to gaze upon and "see" salvation. We are to copy this example and by letting His light shine before men this is how we are to publish the word and let it be a banner that all who are lost to gaze upon and for all those who are without hope to cling to, and for those who are discouraged to have light and life revealed. HE is the Masterpiece and we are copies of the original. We are to follow the outline of His life. Staying within those lines insures us and assures us that we won't get "outside the lines "  or off the path. We are His artistry by which others will be drawn to and ultimately to HIM. Christ in us the hope of GLORY! 

We are in a war. We are daily on the battle field. As we lift up the bloodstain banner we are identified as a tribe who stands under his banner so that all know "who we are with."
Numbers 2:2 CJB 

Adonai said to Moshe and Aharon, 2 “The people of Isra’el are to set up camp by clans,  each man with his own banner and under his clan’s symbol; they are to camp around the tent of meeting, but at a distance.
3-9 “Those camping on the east side toward the sunrise are to be under the banner of the camp of Y’hudah; they are to camp according to companies; by tribe and leader they are as follows:

We must be identified with our tribes. Knowing where one comes from causes us to know the "root"  of our situations and circumstances. Knowing that יהוה is Love as the scripture says, His banner over me is love and also stated that Love covers a multitude of sins (missed marks). 

Let's seek to be covered as we follow after and imitate Him. As we stay within the lines and on the narrow path, evil will not have a place set up within us...

Nabiyah Baht Yehuda

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