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Hebrew letters and Symbiotic Prophetics

The parts that the Hebrew letters play in symbiotic prophetics isn't that hard to understand. If you recall the meaning of symbiotic prophetics, simultaneous actions in the spirit realm and in the natural, just think of using words and what happens. We know that words are powerful. God said, “Let there be...” and there was. Remember, I said Biblical Hebrew is known as a “dead language” and if we understand that raw power that comes with each Hebrew letter and the energy behind it then we can imagine in our Holy Ghost imagination the spirit realm and the natural coming together, working as one harmonious entity and causing a God manifestation. Ancient Hebrew differs from modern Hebrew and as I stated before were used to bring everything into existence. God made all 22 letters to “speak.” Even the silent letters have a “voice” simply because of the pictograhic message that it sends to those who see it.
Something is happening in the realm of the spirit when you open your mouth and utter these letters and especially when you combine them to make words.

I want to share a quick testimony. Some years ago, I went to a class that was teaching on deliverance and I thought it was awesome because we were not just sitting around being lectured and taking notes. We had prayer and had opportunity given to us to come up and receive deliverance. I went up. I did not want to think that I was in such a place that I did not need it. Well, there I stood next to the others who had come forward and we got prayed for and they laid hands on some of us. I could not see everything that was going on because I needed to focus on getting my breakthrough. Well, I noticed people began crying and purging, etc. I felt nothing. The lady who was said to be a “demon buster.' Looked straight at me and asked me how did I feel? I said that I felt ok. I was wondering why I was not crying, falling on the floor, or rolling around like some of them. I mean, I knew that you did not necessarily have to, but I was a bit disappointed. I thought to myself, “Maybe I am just ashamed or something.” I did not know what it was and I was questioning within myself and I heard Ruach Kodesh say. “He's hiding.” I was not sure what that meant, but the next day I went into my prayer room and I took all my notes from the class with me and began to look at the list of demonic behavior etc. I said, “Lord, I know I have something going on with me! I have insecurity and I have been molested, and raped!” I just kept talking to the Lord, then I told the devil to get out! I remembered that the letter alef was about control, purity, strength, and just everything I knew about it came to my mind. The devil is impure and wants control and wants to be a stronghold, but I wanted God to be all that for me and that there is no room for them both. No, I was not possessed, but a Christian can be oppressed and they can be influenced. Anytime you are out of the Spirit, you are in your flesh. When you are in your flesh and not rooted in the Lord, then the enemy has a way in. We cannot walk in the flesh and the Spirit of God at the same time. If you walk in the Spirit, you will not fulfill the lust of the flesh.
So, I began to yell out alef! Alef! And told the devil to get out and that I did not want him or compromise, or insecurity. I kept yelling alef! The bathroom was next door and I ran in and purged until I couldn't anymore. I kept saying alef when I could speak and I cried and felt something that I could not explain and although no one was home, it got really quiet. I got up after a while and washed my face and tried to stop crying. I looked in the mirror and I looked in my eyes and I was surprised to see how clear they were. My eyes were really clear and I looked different. I looked clean. I went back into my prayer room and lay down immersing in what I call soaking music. (prophetic music).

Let me say this; Demonic behavior, thoughts, or activities can be thoughts of suicide, poverty, self-deception, self-sabotage, anger, jealously, or coveting. It is a very, very long list. I just wanted to mention this because it seems that we as followers of Yeshua don't really have a working definition for the demonic. We always think of murder, rape, or anything in that realm of what we call evil. It can be low self-esteem. Anything contrary to life and peace is from the devil. It may be inherited through your blood line or through some door opened because of a sin. In any event, the Bible tells us that Yeshua came to set the captive free and whatever HE tells you to do or say, that is your way out of it and by His grace.

  © 2013 Nabiyah Baht Yehuda Mattocks

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