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We have been visiting Hebrew letters for a few weeks now. What we need to understand is that Hebrew is tied to the culture. It is a language of the senses although we are taught that if we can see it, it is not faith. The fact is that faith is something that you can see. You can see one's faith by what they do and by the direction of their movements. It is by what they hold fast to. The waw or the vav ו is as we learned, a picture of a nail. A nail is what holds things together and in place and the letter also speaks of steadfastness and firmness. When Christ was placed on the cross, He was affixed to His purpose. He came to die. It was a trick before the eyes of the enemy, but it was evidence of God's love for us.
When we say that we believe what we are actually saying is we support that cause. There is usually some evidence of this. If a man supports his family we can see it, because the bills are paid, the wife and children have emotional support, etc. In other words, he shows up.
God shows up in our lives because He is a keeper of His word. We use the word “keep” in a western way, but “keep” hebraically means watch. This is the word shamar. If we shamar/keep His word this means we are guarding it or keeping watch over it. It is close enough for us to see and usually within accessible grasp. When we honor or support what the Lord is doing in our lives there is always evidence. We of course know about things going on behind the scenes, but eventually there is evidence/manifestation of that. The way we live life before men and behind closed doors must line up. As vessels in the hand of the Lord we must be the pen of a ready writer (Holy Spirit) at all times. Our walk must be weighed (10 represents weigh) out and measured and found acceptable by the word of God
In the Hebrew letters there are many layers therefore, the Lord has much to reveal. He has so much to say and so much to show us, hence the prophetic voice of the Hebrew letters. We can study and investigate one letter and it can take a long time to get to all of what He is saying through that individual letter. He can unfold the scriptures before us and His eternal truths.
Let's look at the kaf. It is the picture of a palm. It also represents glory. God wants us to release glory by our giving and by His Spirit. As a scribe it is important for us to understand these things as it relates to God.
Glory is Proverbs 31:10-31 We see this woman is releasing glory in all that she does starting with the alef. This is starting with the strength that Holy Spirit has given her. The bet represents the house. She is a dwelling place for Gods glory to reside. Inside the word reside we can find residue. There should be residue within us as dwelling placings of God's glory. There should be residue when we leave a place after releasing a prophetic teaching or a poem, or after doing a painting, or any creative works. He wants the world to know the glory of God through the creative works that He has placed “in the house.” Remember the bet is the “floor plan.” it is a diagram of what one will find when they look inside. When we look at the gimel which is the third letter of the alef bet we must understand that three is the number of conform. What image are we conforming to? This anointed vessel has conformed to God's image in the earth realm and before her family. The gimel which is the foot, which points to a walk. Halach means walk, but more deeply means a way of living. How is this Proverbs 31 vessel living? His hand is upon the lives of those who walk uprightly before Him in a huge way. Let's hop down to the 10 verse. This is the letter yud and the tenth letter that pictographically is the hand. She puts her hands to the staff with the flax;
her fingers hold the spinning rod.
No matter how we 'skip around' this walk before Him, His hand is resting on us and guiding us. So it may seem a bit out of order, but as Job said, “He knows the way that I take.” Job 23:10
Yet he knows the way I take;
when he has tested me, I will come out like gold.

Mishlei א 10 Who can find a capable wife? Her value is far beyond that of pearls.
ב 11 Her husband trusts her from his heart,
and she will prove a great asset to him.
ג12 She works to bring him good, not harm, all the days of her life.
Being capable takes strength and a persons heart is in their temple which is a dwelling place for it and a man's spirit. Working to do good and not harm takes conforming to God's image and type of love. It starts in the heart. Your assignment is to: a. Ask Ruach Kodesh what strengths have been placed in you and how can they best be put to glorious use. b. Seek to allow the residue to be present after you have been used by Ruach Kodesh. c. Spend some quality immersion time before His presence (panim) פָּנִים. Letter recognition will come easier to you and the meaning as you spend more time. He will show you many things, so go before Him expecting! Expect your writing style to change and expect for the parables (dreams to become clearer.

    The Hammer of His Word Nails Us To Purpose

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