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Excerpt from An Audience of One

Without the word of God and prayer in us, we have NO ministry.What we will have will only be recognized as entertainment. We are not here to entertain, but to minister. I cannot stress this enough. There are many entertainers in the church and those who seriously hear the call to ministry must discern the difference. We want to hear from the throne room of Yehova and rightly discern.We give ourselves to prayer because it is how we communicate with Him. Keeping an open line of communication is imperative. He wants us to hear from Him just as much as He wants to hear from us. This is a vital part of ministry. This is how ministry is birthed and we receive direction. No one can fuel his or her ministry themselves. We want God to breathe on (inspire) our ministry where He is calling ALL the shots. He is the One Who knows, sees, and runs it all.When I became a bit more matured in the Lord, I would go to the church or wherever it was I was called to minister and I would sit alone in a room away from everyone else until it was time for me to minister. At this time I needed to do it because quite honestly, I was easily distracted by conversation. I needed to be in a place to hear Him. Maybe He wanted to change the song or give me a specific prophetic motion to execute. All I knew was tha tI was afraid to get out there on my own. I always found myself nervous although it never showed on the outside. I would pray and meditate on the song  and whatever it was He wanted me to do. Some don’t have to do this and some just don’t do it, but they should. When I say some don’t do this, I am saying that some folks get a song of their own choosing and they wear whatever they want to.They begin to go off in their own spirits.                    
​The ministry of prophetic movement has not been taken seriously and pushed back for years. No one wants to hear from the prophet. No one wants correction, they only want the blessings of God, but the Bible says that the beginning of wisdom is the fear of the Lord.Wisdom, in this ministry, will speak to you and tell you to turn down your plate because the atmosphere you are going into is going to require more of the Spirit of God and less of you. This atmosphere will have demonic influence and warfare and your flesh is not what pulls it down because it is only through God that strongholds are brought down.Fasting is an integral part of prophetic movement because of these things I mentioned.The scripture said that THESE KIND only come out through fasting and prayer. We cannot get around protocol. If God took His hand away, the devil would surely kill us. In the army there is a ranking system and there is a protocol. If you are in thearmy you will learn the system and it will be a part of your life. You will eat, sleep, and drink protocol because if you don’t,you are out. Fasting is hard to do because sometimes our god can be our bellies. Self-denial is not in our DNA therefore,we have such a hard time telling it whether or not we can have certain things or nothing at all. No, this is not easy, but it is a part of the mentorship program in the Holy Ghost. We have to become lean, mean fighting machines in the realm of the spirit. The enemy knows our weaknesses and will feed them and like a snake, the more you feed it, the bigger it gets.
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