The Chamber room Experience - Intimacy and immersion in His Presence
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The Chamber Room Experience was established as a vision in the mind of  Apostle Nabiyah in 2009, but Holy Spirit had not reignited the vision again until spring of 2011. The vision began to speak in a strong way and the Lord began to cause her to build the ark of the covenant. She had no experience building anything, but she remembered that Christ was a carpenter and that He is the Master Builder. He gave her many visions and even when she lost her job on a Friday, she started a new one that following Monday to finance the vision. In the summer of she had rented a space in Manhattan. People were outside the doors anticipating to come in not knowing what to expect exactly. Apostle Nabiyah was expecting God and He showed up.He gave her one message: set the table and invite them to come. All were blessed and still share testimonies of meeting the Lord on a more personal level. Warning: This is not as usual. 

This is not a conference or an event. This is a place set for atmospheric intimacy with Holy Spirit. You have never worshiped uninterrupted like this. or heard music like this. You have never been this close...
Stay tuned for details for the next encounter. Please contact Apostle Nabiyah for bringing The Chamber Room Experience to you!

NOW located in Mililani Hawaii for prophetic training and deliverance teachings.