The Chamber room Experience - Intimacy and immersion in His Presence

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Hazkeni Voices
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Denise Mackey Wednesday, 12/26/12, 8:07 PM I meet Prophetess Nabiyah about a year ago at her Chamber Room Experience and since then I have tried to follow her ministry. What a blessing she been to me!!!!! 
Long Island, N.Y.

Yolanda Skull Monday, 12/31/12, 7:57 AM I have been tremendously blessed to be connected to this man and woman of God. My knowledge of Him and my purpose within His Kingdom have been enlarged, and I know that I am more equipped to carry forth His message with power!
From: El Paso, TX 

Prophetess Sherry Wilson Thursday, 12/27/12, 6:23 AM Prophet Nabiyah, it is an honor to connect with you as the Lord uses you mightily for his Kingdom upon his earth. I bless God for placing every word you scribed in your book "Audience of One". It will surely lead those who minister in dance into an elevated leap to move prophetically and not confuse it with simply 'flowing to the music'. Continued Favor upon you Woman of God's heart. Looking forward to the next "Chamber Room" experience 

  Monday 8/12/13, 10:02 pm Prophetess Nabiyah is indeed a true vessel of the Most High God and it is clearly revealed through her Prophetic Movement Ministry. Holy Spirit shows up and moves mightily in the midst of his people. As a true, chosen and called vessel of the father, prophetess Nabiyah teaches and walks in divine authority and as a result of this deep immersion in  Holy Spirit, there is an deposit in the lives of those whom she shepherds, through the leading of Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit used Prophetess Nabiyah to  strengthen and grow my spiritual walk with him and in him and i'm still growing because one can never stop growing in the fruits of the Spirit.Just by listening to her while she teaches or prays, one can't deny the presence of the Father and that her Ministry was already ordained  and sanctified by the father from the very womb. Yes, form the very womb he had already called her to be his anointed! I am indeed very thankful first to Holy Spirit for having ordained our paths and then to prophetess, for being obedient and steadfast in her assignment concerning me, because I know I can be very stubborn up there in thd of mine.  :) Shalom,Rufina


Monday, 12/24/12, 7:00 PM Thank you Prophet Nabiyah for the work you both have put into the Kingdom and investing in its people. You both are an inspiration. Prophet Nabiyah you have opened my eyes to so many revelations in such a short time. I am amazed at how God operates through you. Thanks for being so genuine and down to earth. You're one of the coolest ladies I have met. 

8/12/13 Prophetic Voice of the Hebrew Language---a teaching that if you really REALLY want to understand the heart and mind of God--you need to take it. It has taken the man made religious blinders off and dropped some scales from my eyes. I am just skimming the surface of how deep the Word of God goes, and the prophetic side of the course gives you so much fresh insight that it never gets dull or mundane. The class itself had taught me to dig deeper and look at the words from different angles and research to discover with help from Holy Spirit what is on Gods heart. It has brought me closer to God and taught me of my Jewish lineage through Avraham and my roots. I now have an understanding of how we all fit jointly together and how Yeshua Has made that all happen. It's well worth it to really enhance your spiritual insight and relationship with Adonai. Yes. 
 Tia Beach, VA

Zenzele-Leandria Young Monday, 12/24/12, 1:02 PM I would like to say that every since my god-brother connected me with Prophetess Nabiyah, I have felt an extraordinaire connection with her. I had the opportunity to meet with her in person at this year's Gathering Experience in Greensboro, NC and God showed Himself strong in this Woman of God. I pray that as I continue to "follow" her ministry, God will allow me to grow in the desires of my heart towards the original words of the Father. Blessings, Lea. 

Pastor Bernard Boulton from Danville, Virginia
Blessings, Rabbi, I bless God for you and your ministry. God has used you in such a mighty way. I look forward to seeing you. Shalom.