The Chamber room Experience - Intimacy and immersion in His Presence

*Located in Mililani Hawaii for prophetic training and deliverance teachings. 

Prophetic Sign Language is another name for prophetic movement.
It is the way that we communicate God's word to a people. We do this through movement of our hands, the expression on our faces, and our bodies. This also includes our garments and the accouterments that we are led to use. The dance world is evolving and so is the language. One of the things we must consider is our verbal communications through movement. How will we get the message across? If they won't or cannot hear the gospel through spoken means? Some people are creatively vision and by this vehicle, that we will get the word out and into them. Let's take God "out of the box" and move creatively as He intended. This is not ASL (American Sign Language.) This is prophetic movement 2.0 

What you get out of it is:

  • A new language
  • Stretching your bodily vocabulary
  • Rhema in your logos
  • Prophecy retention in your members
  • and more! 

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Praise dance is one thing, but prophetic dance is an entirely different thing. The difference is asking Ruach Kodesh (Holy Spirit) what to wear, and what is the word through the song that was chosen by HIM. Only Elohim knows what He wants to say to His people. Every move should exhibit His word. Your garment should speak of the particular assignment. Sometimes you may  have to fast. It really depends on what HE is sending you to do in that assigned dance. You cannot go to a place that He is not sending you because if you are assigned to a particular place, then that is where you belong. If you are out of place and in someone else's assignment, there won't be effective ministry. Also, you cannot listen to the applause of men. That can be a snare...In this season still yourselves to hear from Him and not people. An Audience of One, is about God, then we are free to be used as HE speaks and moves through us.  Shalom. שלום
Audience of One Series
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Prophet Nabiyah Prophetic Movement
Salvation at the end of the dance.
An Audience of One
An Audience of One
An Audience of One- A closer walk. ​Course Description: In this 3 month class students will begin their journey towards the heart of God. Here God's elect will learn and participate with prayer assignments and intimacy encounters and learn protocol in the Kingdom. The students will learn to identify their own unique anointing for movement, and discover their voice and sound. Students will also learn to pray in Hebrew discover prophetic music. Here you learn to sharpen your physical vocabulary. This includes An Audience of One book and journal. An Audience of One Going Deeper Course Description: Students will be taken through total immersion in Holy Spirit for 9 months and during that time they will begin to look deeper into who they are, their personal struggles and taken through deliverance. Students will learn to wage war and intercede in the prophetic movements and be mentored & stripped down to bare spirit and rebuilt from the word up to reveal pure ministry. This class will be taught with a hebraic mindset and the principles of Christ. Students will be led through what we call chamber room experiences and have prophetic chatter gatherings. The goal is to become fluent in the language of God as prophetic movements inspired by the Lord. This will enhance ministers of music, dance, psalmists, and anyone who is in prophetic ministry. We welcome all lovers of Yeshua (Jesus) This class will broken up into 3 trimesters. The developmental stages of embryo to baby, and to date of delivery ​This class includes a tallit and journal. Registration is $35 and is added automatically.