The Chamber room Experience - Intimacy and immersion in His Presence

The Behnee HaNabiim College is an Apostolic Prophetic Training Center & Scribe School. This isn't like any other school. Many are only focused on spiritual gifting and how to hone them and wield them skillfully. Yes, you certainly should use what the Lord has given you to the BEST of your ability, but what about your soul? What about your past traumas that have hindered you and caused you to halt between two opinions and walk in various fears?
We are charged to work out our own soul salvation with fear and trembling. (Phil 2:12) 
Many are pursuing gifts, but the soul is being neglected. Yeshua/Jesus came that you would have LIFE and that more ABUNDANTLY. 

Aren't you weary from failing relationships, projects that keep falling through? Are you self-sabotaging, procrastinating, or have some sort of addiction like food, or perfectionism?
Are you afraid to speak up for yourself or feel as no one likes you or understands you?

Come now, let us REASON together. 
Reclaiming your voice is a course that will allow you to move towards your authentic self. There are various layers to who you are and WHY you do the things that you do and why you have the people around you or that are drawn to you. 
Prophet Nabiyah Mattocks is determined to get you to your authentic self .

The course Behnee HaNabeem offers are:

  • The Prophetic Voice of the Hebrew Language- 6 week course
  • Scribe School 101- 6 week course
  • Reclaiming your voice- 3 month course
  • Reclaiming your voice; opening the door
  • Prophetic Training Boot Camp- 7 week course

Classes are now forming. It's not too late to find out who and why your are who you are!
God has given you KEYS to the Kingdom.  AND WE HAVE A LOCATION IN GEORGIA!!! WE ARE PARTNERING WITH MELISSA HOLLOWAY AND GLORIOUS APPAREL!!! Please keep us in prayer and do sow your seed! THIS is good ground. Thank you!

There are many doors within you and a Master keys unlocks them all. #Masterkeys2unlocku

Behnee HaNabiim